Moving boxes Lapstone.

Need moving boxes and packing supplies in Lapstone?

Self Storage Plus has an extensive range of moving boxes, wrapping and packing supplies, and protective coverings for your mattresses and furniture. Our packaging will help you protect just about any item – big, small, sturdy or fragile.

We only sell top quality packing boxes supplied by Visy. We do this because there’s nothing worse than having the bottom fall out of your carefully packed box and seeing your precious items fall to the floor. Similarly we don’t want you to walk into your storage unit or garage after a few months and find your boxes have collapsed.

Our staff can help estimate how many packing boxes you will need according to the size of your move. However there is no need to ever worry about every buying “too many” moving boxes. We will buy back all unused boxes at the original purchase price. We will also buy back our Self Storage Plus branded heavy-duty crystal cartons and tea chests when you have finished using them. We offer pre-loved moving boxes for sale when we have them in stock.

We know that every move is different so instead of pre-prepared bundles of boxes you can choose whatever boxes you need for your move and the same 20% discount will apply once you purchase 10 or more boxes*.

We sell mattress, lounge and seat covers to ensure they are protected from dust and moisture. We stock paper and bubble wrap to protect your fragile and precious items. And we have separate picture boxes for that important artwork that adorns your walls and archive boxes for your documents and files.

We also sell padlocks to secure your storage unit. We offer a variety of locks including combination locks for those who just can’t bear the thought of yet another key on your key-ring.

Our extensive range of quality moving boxes and durable packaging materials is available for purchase at both our Blaxland and Springwood facilities.

Call us today on 02 4739 1607 for moving boxes and packaging supplies in Lapstone.

*Excludes port-a-robes.

Moving boxes Lapstone.

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