Boxes & Packaging

Self Storage Plus stocks a wide range of boxes and packaging to make your move even easier. Purchase from our Blaxland or Springwood facilities.

We offer a 20% discount when you buy 10 (or more) new boxes of any sort (excluding port-a-robes).

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Item Description and Size.
Internal dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
bookandwine1 Crystal Cartons (403mm x 301mm x 330mm) $3.75
teachest2 Tea Chest Cartons (431mm x 406mm x 596mm) $5.70
carrybox2 Carry Box (568mm x 368mm x 327mm) $4.00
picturecarton2 Picture Cartons (1040mm x 75mm x 775mm) $6.50
Archive Box (390mm x 306mm x 260mm) $5.40
 Kitchenbox1  Kitchen Box with insert (600mm x 300mm x 306mm)  $11.50
 winebox2  Lay Flat Wine Storage Box (stores 12 bottles) (490mm x 325mm x 165mm) $5.20
Portarobe1 Port-a-Robes with hanging bar (595mm x 476mm x 1080mm) $18.00
matresscovers Single Mattress Covers (2250mm x 1600mm x 250mm) $6.30
matresscovers Queen Size Mattress Covers (2500mm x 1600mm x 300mm) $7.40
matresscovers King Size Mattress Covers (2550mm x 1850mm x 350mm) $9.60
loungecover 3 Seat Lounge Chair Covers (1820mm x 3050mm) $6.60
diningchaircover Dining Chair Covers (2 per pack) (1200mm x 1000mm x 250mm) $4.40
bubblewrap10mtrs1 Bubble Wrap 10m Roll (50cm wide and perforated at 1m intervals) $7.00
bubblewrap100mtr1 Bubble Wrap 100m Roll (50cm wide and perforated at 1m intervals) $60.00
wrappingpaper2 Wrapping Paper 125 Sheets (600mm x 810mm) $12.00
packingtape2 Packaging Tape (48mm width, 75m length) $3.70
simpletape1  Economy Tape Dispenser with 2 rolls of 50m tape  $12.00
pistolgriptapedispensor  Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser (*tape not included)  $22.50
marker Marking Pens $4.00
 knife Knives  $3.00
 padlock 50mm Padlock $14.50
 twinpadlock  2 x 40mm Twin Pack Keyed Alike  $17.30
 dislock  70mm Disc Stainless Steel Padlock  $23.00
 dialpadlock  4-Dial Resettable Combination Lock  $20.00