About Us

Our Story – In 2019 Celebrating our 50th Year of Business

We are a family owned and run Blue Mountains business that has operated continuously for 50 years.

Our story began in 1969 when Pieter and Sandra Ebbeling started an ornate mirror manufacturing business. After starting out from the family garage and having to relocate to another family property following a severe bushfire in Blaxland that destroyed the original garage the business was eventually relocated to an old factory unit towards the back of the property at 27 Attunga Road, Blaxland. The mirrors were supplied to David Jones, Myer and Norman Ross, were featured on the quiz show Sale of the Century and exported to Holland.

In 1971 Pieter and Sandra purchased the land at Attunga Road. The site had various old factory units and sheds on it. In the late 1970’s Pieter and Sandra identified a need for factory units that local businesses could operate from. Construction of the first, of the eventual 16, factory units commenced in 1981.

A variety of small businesses operated from the factories. These included furniture maker, aluminum door and window manufacturer, screen printer, panel beater, boomerang manufacturer and a butcher, baker and candlestick maker (and no, we’re not joking!).

The tough economic climate of the late 1980’s forced several of the businesses to close or downsize leaving some of the factory units empty. And so it was through necessity that Pieter and Sandra welcomed the first storage customers in 1985. These customers were happy to store in a simple bulk storage arrangement – with their furniture stacked neatly in a corner of one of the factory units.

In 1987 the first storage units were built and steadily each factory unit was converted to storage. All the original units were built by Pieter with assistance from his son, Simon.

In 2003 a significant expansion of the Blaxland site was completed adding a new 1000 square metre building. This building contained an additional 140 units. In 2006 the last remaining small business, Blaxland Wrought Iron, moved out and building three was converted to storage bringing the total number of storage units at Blaxland to over 400.

In 2009 we entered a long-term lease arrangement with Blue Mountains Disability Services to start Self Storage Plus Springwood. The storage facility, in the old Springwood and District Club has 170 storage units. In 2014 we purchased the property from Blue Mountains Disability Services. This building has its own long history with many customers recounting memorable nights, weddings and meeting of future partners at the club. In 2016 we added a new, double storey building to this facility bringing the total number of units to over 250.

Sadly in May 2006 Pieter died and at that time his son, Simon, took over the management of the business. Sandra continued to work for the business until retiring at the end of 2012. Simon and his wife, Megan, now run the business and we employ six local people to help run our facilities.


In the Blue Mountains and surrounds we will be the first choice for all who need storage space, assistance to move, organise or tidy-up.


We provide customers with space, where and when they need it. Our space allows customers to collect, organize, sort, secure, protect and decide.


Our Team

  • We are local people.
  • We are friendly, knowledgeable and have a ‘can do’ approach.
  • We do the right thing and take responsibility for our actions.

Our Business

  • We are available to our customers.
  • We have the ability and capacity to solve the problems our customers face.
  • We impress with facilities and equipment that is attractive, secure and well maintained.
  • We operate our business on a sustainable financial basis.
  • We operate our business on an environmentally sustainable basis.

Our Clients

  • We know our customers. They are individuals, families, home owners, tenants, businesses and community groups. Some will store for only a short period. Many will store with us for years.
  • We recognize they are often in difficult and time pressured circumstances.
  • We know that one-size does not fit all circumstances and so we make decisions to meet their individual needs.

What makes us unique

  • We listen to our customers. We have the products and services they want. Business with us is easy and our customers return and refer others to us.
  • We work hard to build and maintain good relationships with businesses who refer and bring new customers to us.
  • We deliver what we promise, efficiently and on time. We act with confidence. Our actions speak louder than our words.
  • We strive to be a socially responsible and ethical organisation. We earn the admiration of customers, employees and our local community for what we do and how we do it.
  • Our people are responsible for the success of our business. We recognise and appreciate the contribution they make.

Our Values

We treat our customers, colleagues and vendors with dignity and respect. We always communicate with each other in a friendly and open manner. We don’t gossip. We avoid harmful sarcasm and are careful in sharing what we consider to be humorous but that others may not. We know that every person has different values and opinions. We recognise that sometimes we must use our judgment to simply empathise with the other side and keep our opinions to ourselves.

We endeavor to always be on time and meet deadlines. We keep each other and our customers informed as soon as we are aware if for some reason we will be late.

We hold ourselves accountable for our own actions and mistakes. We admit to our mistakes and inaccuracies and value what we can learn from making them. We don’t think of mistakes as failures. Mistakes are an opportunity to improve our own performance and that of our business.

We value every interaction we have with our customers. It provides us with the opportunity to understand and to build our relationship, it provides the opportunity to impress and to market our services to the customer. We recognize that the customer is not always right however it is our responsibility to make them feel that they are.

We know that profit is the foundation of our business. A profitable and sustainable business is important to all of us – staff, customers and our community. We work together to minimize unnecessary expense and waste to ensure the long term future of our business.